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Revolution Drill®


The Revolution Drill® has an innovative design that allows for adjustability of 0.200" (5.1mm) on diameter, eliminating the need for specials and/or subsequent boring operations.


Features and Benefits


  • Drills from Solid, no pilot required
  • Revolutionary design allows adjustability up to 0.200” (5,1mm) on diameter
  • Drill Depths up to 4.5 times diameter
  • Removable cartridges for easy replacement
  • Available for Stack Plate applications
  • Insert design allows for excellent chip control and aggressive penetration rates
  • Less tool inventory needed for range of diameters
  • The proprietary AM200® & AM300® coatings increase tool life above competitor’s premium coatings.
  • Diameter Range: 1.875” to 4.0” (47,63mm to 101,60mm)

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