GEN3SYS® XT has a unique combination of substrate, geometry and new AM300® Coating that provides increased penetration rates & superior tool life over other competitive high penetration drills. The holders are available with a cylindrical shank or standard flange flat shank. A diameter range of 11mm - 35mm and drill-to-depth diameters of 3x, 5x & 7x and now stub length holders make the GEN3SYS® XT a great new addition to our product offering. Four different Geometries are available: Austenitic Stainless Steel (AS), Cast Iron (CI), Low Rake (LR) and Standard. GEN3SYS® XT Inserts utilize current GEN3SYS® holders so there is no need to buy a new tooling system to switch from the GEN3SYS® drill line.
  The Guided T-A® maintains a straighter hole throughout the operation and provides for tighter true position holes. The Guided T-A is also great for breaking out on uneven surfaces and can be used with standard T-A® & GEN2 T-A® Inserts. 
    The i-Form custom indexable drill/form tool system is designed to out perform brazed and solid carbide tooling. i-Form’s replaceable cutting edges eliminate the need for re-sharpening brazed tooling. With i-Form, you can design complex forms for any style hole with increased productivity. Custom Engineered Forms allow for complex design with a replaceable cutting edge that hold better form tolerance and improve consistency. With a delivery time in as little as 10 days, the i-Form tool system is truly incredible.


The Revolution Drill® is now available for Stack Plate Applications. The new cartridges allow for effective drilling in stacked materials. The design reduces or eliminates the disk created when exiting the material. Standard Revolution Drills can be converted to drill stacked plates by simply changing the cartridges.