ASC 320
Jaws Component: ASC 320® 
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The Challenge
A customer is manufacturing and maintaining equipment for the oilfield industry. The specific part being machined is a component for the jaws that screws pipes together on an oil rig. The component is made from high strength alloy. They use a Mazak VMC with 1000 PSI coolant through the tool to produce their products.

Tools used: 0.500″ diameter Jobber length drill and an extended length cobalt drill
  • Hole depth = 4.7″ (Jobber)
  • 90 SFM (cobalt)
  • 0.004 IPR (cobalt)
  • Cycle time = 109.54 seconds
  • Tool life = 447 inches
Needing to improve the production process, the customer requested a solution to reduce cycle time and decrease the cost of production.
The Solution
Allied recommended the ASC 320 solid carbide drill.
Tool used: ASC 320 solid carbide drill, 0.500″ diameter (item 390E05000A21M)
  • 200 SFM
  • 0.010 IPR
  • Cycle time = 18.43 seconds
  • Tool life = 484 inches
The Advantages
The ASC 320 reduced cycle time, which allowed the customer to increase both profits and shop capacity.
  • Reduced cycle time by 83.2%
  • Total cost savings = $1,008.22 or 72.96%