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Who is Allied Machine?

Allied Machine & Engineering is a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing cutting tool systems. Allied devotes its advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities to creating the widest selection of value-added tooling available to metal-cutting industries around the world.

Our tooling solutions deliver the lowest cost per hole in a wide range of drilling, reaming, burnishing, threading, and boring applications.  

Located in Dover, Ohio, Allied’s precision holemaking technologies provide end users world-wide with the highest level of performance. Precision engineering and expert application support make Allied the first and best choice for solving complex metal-cutting challenges.

Allied World Wide

Our Executives

Founded by Harold E. Stokey in 1941, Allied Machine has been family owned since the beginning. Harold's son, William H. Stokey, is the current President and CEO. William's sons Mike and Steve Stokey serve as part owners and Executive Vice Presidents. The 3rd generation of the Stokey family is taking Allied Machine into the future, where growth and innovation will continue to be the keys of success.

William H. Stokey
William H. Stokey
President and CEO
Mike Stokey
Mike Stokey
Executive Vice President
Steve Stokey
Steve Stokey
Executive Vice President

Our Brands

In order to provide customers with a competitive advantage, Allied Machine continues to expand our range of products and services. We are always ready to find new ways to make and finish holes, and adding new product lines to our family helps us provide a more dynamic offering. Here are the additional brands Allied is proud to offer to the world.

Precision Boring Tools

Manufactured in Germany, the Wohlhaupter® product line provides high precision boring tools customized to your needs. These solutions are ideal for high-volume jobs that require repeated precision over the length of the entire operation.

Solid Carbide Specials

With the expertise of Superion™, we can offer our customers high-performance made-to-order solid carbide drills, burnishing tools, reamers, PCD-tipped tools, and more.

ThreadMills USA®
Solid Carbide Thread Mills

ThreadMills USA® allows us to provide an economical threading solution for our customers. These tools are ideal for customers who are performing multiple short-run jobs and need precision tooling with higher frequency and less cost.

Modular Boring Systems

Criterion™ boring systems are the perfect solution for multiple short-run jobs. Assemble the boring system based on your application needs with the ability to change and/or replace certain pieces whenever you need to.

Our Milestones

The Story Begins

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. is founded by Harold E. Stokey in New Philadelphia, Ohio. With the loving support of his devoted wife, Lucille, Harold provides tapered bearing lock nuts for the Timken Company in Canton, OH. Other manufactured parts will be utilized in the assembly of M1 tanks used by the Allied Forces during World War II.

The Point of No Return

Because of the increasing market demand, a salesman approaches Harold E. Stokey and proposes that Allied develop and manufacture spade drills. The salesman guarantees he can sell every piece made. Allied Machine accepts the challenge and develops a universal-style spade drill, and the salesman never returns. So, with a warehouse stockpiled with inventory, Allied Machine begins its journey into the spade drill business.

Inventing Exclusivity

President and CEO William H. Stokey invents the Blade-Loc technology and received Allied's first patent. This technology protects against tool movement during the drilling cycle as well as when the tool is being retracted from the hole. The Blade-Loc gives Allied a competitive advantage, solidifying Allied's leadership position in technological advancements.

Pioneering the Spade Drill

Allied engineers an innovative spade drill geometry and coating that takes holemaking to a level never before seen by the metal-cutting industry. The Throw Away, or T-A, spade blade becomes the foundation for Allied’s explosive growth. This breakthrough thrusts Allied into a role of leadership through research and development of engineered drilling solutions.

A Leap of Faith

With the desire to expand the business, Allied President and CEO William H. Stokey arranges for a loan to purchase the Shenango building on West Third Street in Dover. As the auction surpasses the loan amount, Stokey makes a courageous bid and acquires the building for $514,000. Stokey says, “It was the last bid I was going to make. I only had a $400,000 loan lined up and a $140,000 line of credit. If you’ve never been there, trust me, it’s an interesting proposition.”

Feet on the Street

To provide greater value and better service to its customers, Allied establishes a position designed to take technical knowledge and skills to spindles throughout the world. The Field Sales Engineer (FSE) position creates a more personal relationship between Allied and its customers.

The European Venture

Allied proudly announces its partnership with Maxcut Tooling Services, who will provide support and distribution throughout Europe. With this new joint venture, Allied increases its global presence and positions itself to better serve the European continent.

Training Days

Allied introduces the Technical Education Seminar (TES), which provides specialized training for both distributors and end users through detailed classroom sessions. Over the years, TES has evolved to incorporate in-depth hands-on training at the spindle in the new state-of-the-art training lab.

Planning for the Future

Allied purchases the 60,000 square foot Simon-Duplex facility on Deeds Drive in Dover, Ohio. The building rests on 25 acres of land, which serves as valuable real estate for future growth. This investment philosophy allows Allied to vertically integrate additional manufacturing processes into the company.

Taking the Wait out of Specials

Allied develops the Insta-Quote™ Comprehensive Online Quoting System. This revolutionary software allows customers to design custom tooling for their special applications and generate a quote and drawing all within minutes. With Insta-Quote, the time from design to delivery is drastically reduced.

Expediting Processes

Allied celebrates the opening of the Balzers Tool Coating, Inc. facility housed in Allied’s Deeds Drive location. With this partnership, the coating process that takes several weeks to complete will now be done within days.

Multitasking Efficiency

Allied develops the first ever replaceable insert tool that can complete entire port forms to the finish specifications in one process. The patented AccuPort 432 technology addresses the needs of the fluid power industry, along with numerous other multi-step applications.

Forefront of Innovation

To address the needs for lower costs per hole, Allied introduces the next generation of spade drills. The GEN2 T-A insert, featuring the proprietary AM200 coating, provides lower drilling forces, increased tool life, and improved performance, all while utilizing existing T-A holders.

Joining Ranks

Consistent with its focus on holemaking solutions, Allied partners with S.C.A.M.I., a well established Italian manufacturer of reaming products. The ALVAN Expandable Reamers allow Allied Machine to provide an ideal choice for finishing holes in a production environment.

Driving Technology

As drilling applications become more demanding, Allied sets forth to answer the challenge. The GEN3SYS High Penetration Drilling System delivers an advanced design, allowing customers to obtain levels of performance previously unreachable with replaceable tip tooling.

Standing Out

To set itself apart from the masses at the IMTS Manufacturing Trade Show in Chicago, Allied exhibits under a unique theme to better connect with the attendees. In 2006, Allied presents its “Garden of Eden” booth, and the venture is an astounding success.

Opening New Opportunities

Allied introduces the Opening Drill in order to enlarge existing holes faster than conventional methods. Inspired by this design, the Revolution Drill is created to drill large diameter holes from solid, eliminating the need for a pilot hole.

Giving Back

Allied Executive Vice President Steve Stokey leads a newly developed task force to implement Project Lead the Way in Tuscarawas County school districts. Project Lead the Way is a program for kindergarten through 12th grade students who are interested in pursuing a career in engineering or technology.

Economical Solutions

To incorporate an economical solution into its thread mill product offering, Allied acquires ThreadMills USA in Evans, Georgia. ThreadMills USA will complement Allied’s existing AccuThread 856 line, providing customers with a complete selection for their thread milling applications.

The Manufacturing Expansion

Allied breaks ground for the expansion of its 60,000 square foot facility on Deeds Drive. The new project includes an additional 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space, a new training facility, and a new café for Allied associates.

Finishing What We Start

In order to expand its range of product offering, Allied acquires Criterion Machine Works. With the addition of Criterion, and by moving the manufacturing processes from Costa Mesa, California to Dover, Ohio, Allied can now offer a full line of hole finishing products.

Within the Limits

To adapt to the technological advances brought about by the proliferation of modern CNC equipment, Allied introduces its new modular APX Drill System. With its unique design, the APX Drill provides excellent results in previously unmanageable deep hole and large diameter applications on low horse power machines.

New Look, New Recognition

With its continuing global growth, Allied strengthens its branding image in order to establish and maintain consistency worldwide. Tracing back to the company’s roots, Allied revitalizes its original black and white logo with a red accent to signify the company’s energetic approach to holemaking solutions.

World Class Facility

Allied breaks ground for the expansion of its Third Street facility. The project will include 61,000 square feet of new office space, state-of-the-art training and R&D facilities, and customer and associate cafes. It will also include a world-class gathering space highlighted by a 13 foot tall video wall, welcoming worldwide visitors to the facility.

Welcome Aboard, Europe

Allied Machine fully acquires our partner company, Allied Maxcut, in Europe. Now Allied Machine & Engineering Co. (Europe) Ltd., the European location provides marketing and field support throughout the UK and surrounding European countries.

Precise Precision

In order to expand the range of boring products offered, Allied acquires the German manufacturer Wohlhaupter®. The analog and digital capabilities provide the precision needed for high-volume production boring applications.

A Solid Combination

Allied acquires Superion™ in order to provide special, made-to-order solid carbide tooling solutions. These specials include PCD tooling, burnishing drills, solid carbide drills, and carbide/PCD step reamers.