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Is there a minimum order?
Can metric inserts be used in standard inch holders?
Can I pay using my credit card?
How can I check a delivery date or a tracking number?
What is the cut-off time to ship an order?
Who is the Sales Manager for my area?
What items are sold in standard two-piece packages?
How do I know what inserts fit into the series 0.5, 1.5, and 2.5 holders?
Does my holder require a Rotary Coolant Adapter (RCA)?
Does Allied Machine offer customer testing?
Is it true that peck drilling is not recommended with Allied Machine drills?
As an end user, can I order direct from Allied?
How can I overcome hole straightness and poor surface finish when using a reamer?
Many factors affect tool life. What should I do to avoid tool breakage and sporadic tool life?
How do I extend tool life in abrasive materials like nodular cast iron?
How do you drill an inclined or angled metal surface?
I am machining large diameter holes in high-alloy steels. What type of drill would you recommend?
What are the machining capabilities of a thread mill?
How can I control heat generated when machining copper or brass?
What is the advantage of using PCD vs. carbide cutting tools?
What can I do to consistently make straight, deep holes when machining metal components?
What insert is best for finishing a hole in stainless steel?
What factors are used to determine optimal feed rate when drilling and finishing holes?
What type of tooling kits can I purchase?
What is the diameter range of the Wohlhaupter® VarioBore?
Can I reverse machine as well with Allied's boring tools?
What kind of tool coatings do you offer on your Superion® tooling?
How do I stop my boring bar from vibrating?
How do I reduce radial deflection when boring deep holes?
How can I maintain strength when machining holes in wear plates?
What can I do to prevent poor hole quality and poor breakout of through holes when drilling?