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Industry Icons
 General Production
 Heavy Equipment
 Oil and Gas
 Renewable Energy/ Energy
 Structural Steel Fabricator
 Tool, Mold, and Die

Material Icons
 Cast Iron
 Hardened Steel
 High Temp Alloy
 Stainless Steel
Corporate Acronyms

AE = Application Engineer
Allied Associate with the skills and knowledge to provide advanced engineering and technical support for customers.
FSE = Field Sales Engineer
The local area Allied engineer that covers a particular sales territory. These Associates are highly trained and skilled to assist customers at the spindle.
PM = Product Manager
The Associate responsible for a particular line of Allied products.
PS = Product Specialist
Allied Associate that specializes in a particular product or product line in order to better support customers with challenging applications.
RM = Regional Manager
The Associate responsible for a given sales region and the Allied sales engineer representatives within that region.
TES = Technical Education Seminar
Technical training for both distributors and end users that covers the range and capabilities of Allied products.
T-A = Throw Away
The trademarked name for our T-A® drill insert actually stands for "throw away." This is because the replaceable design allows the insert to be quickly switched out when it wears down.
Industry Terms

TIR = Total Indicated Runout
This refers to the distance from which the rotating tool moves off-center during the cutting action.
HSS = High Speed Steel
High performance steel with high wear resistance and increased hardness at temperatures up to 500°C.