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The company's history is a story with a future, characterized by innovations. In 1929, Emil Wohlhaupter founded the company as a small mechanical workshop, which initially started as a repair shop for cutting and stamping tools and devices. Today, Wohlhaupter is known all over the world as a manufacturer of modular tool systems for machining centers and millturns, facing and boring heads, grooving heads, clamping tools and customized solutions for boring operations.
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Founded by Emil Wohlhaupter in 1929, Wohlhaupter has grown into a leading manufacturer of precision boring systems. The second generation of Wohlhaupter continuedto expand their product line significantly from the 1960’s into the next century. For almost 20 years now, Frank-M. Wohlhaupter, a third generation Wohlhaupter family member, continues to lead the innovative manufacturer of precision tools. Initially the technical director of Wohlhaupter GmbH, Frank Wohlhaupter currently orchestrates operations as a managing partner. In 2016, Wohlhaupter expanded its product offering and expert boring application services even further when the majority shares were acquired by AlliedMachine and Engineering Corp.. Wohlhaupter and Allied Machine have partnered to strengthen their position as the only manufacturers to focus solely on holemaking and hole finishing applications for the metal-cutting industry.
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