TES: Technical Education Seminar

Allied Machine’s Technical Education Seminar (TES) puts the attendees in front of the machines. When you attend TES, you’ll gain first-hand experience in real-life application situations. Test and experiment with different speeds and feeds, observe the results, and find the best solution. The training is conducted by Allied’s skilled engineers, giving you the opportunity to work alongside the people who have the answers for all your application problems. You will also take guided tours of Allied’s two manufacturing facilities in Dover, Ohio.

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The Four Steps to Success

At TES, our goal is to make sure you learn everything you need to provide the greatest return on your time investment. If you don't maximize the benefit you received from TES, then the time spent training becomes much more costly. But, together, we can make TES as beneficial as possible, which will ultimately lead to increased productivity in your daily applications. And we all know increased productivity equals increased money.

Establish Your Contacts
During your time at TES, our Application Engineers and Product Managers will be leading the training. Make sure you get their contact information so you can call them anytime you have a question. Also, make sure you know your Allied Field Sales Engineer (FSE). These are your lifelines. And unlike the typical TV gameshow, you can use these lifelines over and over.
Collect Your Knowledge
We will give you all the tools you need to be successful in your application situations. Our product and industry training will help you solve the problems you encounter. With a balance of classroom and hands-on training, Allied provides unique opportunities to learn everything you need to succeed.
Determine Your Targets
On the last day of TES, we will ask you to think of potential applications where you can apply what you learned at Allied. We want to help you turn those targets into dollars. After you determine your targets, we will connect you with your Allied field sales engineer and application engineers to provide support and help you solve the applications.
Make It Happen
Go turn those targets into dollars. utilize the knowledge you gain at TES and take it to the field. Your company invests time and money sending you to visit Allied, and now it's time to create the ROI. The Allied contacts you've established are standing by, ready to assist you in any way necessary. You have the tools, you have the knowledge. Go make it happen.
Learning Lab
Learning Lab
  • Quick, brief sessions in Allied's learning lab will provide basic knowledge to get you acclimated with the products
  • Interact with Applications Engineers and discuss specific issues you're experiencing in your applications
  • Prepare for the training lab sessions and take your understanding and confidence of Allied products to the next level
Training Lab
Training Lab
  • In-depth training at the spindle allows you to choose the speeds and feeds
  • Test the products the way you need to in order to discover the potential and the limitations in various applications
  • Work side-by-side with Allied's training technicians and engineers
  • Witness the action of your tests and see the results up close
Facility Tours
Facility Tours
  • Take guided tours of Allied’s two manufacturing facilities in Dover, Ohio
  • Follow the path of production and see the different steps and processes involved in the manufacturing of Allied products
  • See the magnitude of our capabilities and learn what’s in store for the future

Upcoming Classes

October 06 - October 09, 2024
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November 10 - November 13, 2024
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