Large Molds: BT-A 
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The Challenge
The customer manufactures large automotive molds made from P20 (28-32 Rc) using a Schienke tri-spindle deep hole drilling machine with canola base soluble oil coolant at 280 PSI.

Tool used: Botek type 01 gundrill
  • Hole diameter = 1.156" (29.5mm)
  • Hole depth = 102" (2590.8mm)
  • 600 RPM
  • 0.7 IPM (17.7mm)
  • 0.0012 IPR (0.03mm)
  • Cycle time = 20 hours
The operation was not cost effective due to inconsistent tool life and very low penetration rates. The customer needed an improved solution.
The Solution
Allied recommended the BT-A drill.

Tool used: BT-A drill holder (item BTA2-805-1.1560) with insert (item 4C12H- 0105-HE)
  • 575 RPM
  • 5.2 IPM (132 mm)
  • 0.009 (0.0228mm) IPR
  • Cycle time = 7 hours
The Advantages
The shop supervisor was so impressed, he stated, “At this point their performance (BT-A) outweighs the cost. Just get them here if you can.” The BT-A made a huge difference for this customer
  • Reduced cycle time from 20 hours to 7 hours
  • Overall time savings = 65%