Transmission Gear Carrier: GEN2 T-A 
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The Challenge

The customer supplies gears and gear assemblies. They are manufacturing transmission gear carriers for the Hummer H3. The holes are drilled into a composite consisting of two powder metal steel components joined by sinter-brazing. The customer is expecting to produce 50,000 carrier assemblies.

Allied Machine suggested the GEN2 T-A drilling system. The tool needed to at least match the 16 IPM (406.400 mm/min) achieved by the original tool.

The GEN2 T-A met the customer’s requirements and provided significant cost savings.

Product: GEN2 T-A
Objective: Improve process
Industry: Automotive
Part: Transmission gear carrier
Material: Metal composite
Hole Ø: 0.551" (13.995mm)

The Solution
The GEN2 T-A drilling system
  • Special chrome helix holder
  • Insert: 4C20H-14
Measure Competitor GEN2 T-A
RPM 1600 1600
Feed Rate 0.010 IPR (0.254 mm/rev) 0.010 IPR (0.254 mm/rev)

The Advantages
The GEN2 T-A drilling system provided:
  • Maintained penetration rates
  • Significant cost savings