Revolution Drill
Revolution Drill
Mold Backing Plates: Revolution Drill® / Opening Drill® 
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The Challenge

The customer is machining A36 mold backing plates using a DOOSAN DB 130CX Horizontal Boring Mill with 200 PSI (13.79 bar) through tool coolant.

Competing with off-shore mold makers, the customer was looking for a way to speed up this job. Allied was asked if they had a solution.

The difference was amazing as Allied was able to reduce the operation time from hours to just minutes. Completion of 6 holes using Revolution Drill® took less than 3 minutes, while the Opening Drill® opened 3 holes from 2” (50.8 mm) to 3.6” (91.44 mm) in under 2 minutes, outperforming the competitive tooling by over 4 hours!

Product: Revolution Drill
Objective: Decrease cycle time
Industry: Tool, mold, & die
Part: Mold backing plates
Material: A36
Hole Ø: (1) 2.0" (50.8 mm) - x3
(2) 3.6" (91.44 mm) - x3
Hole Depth: (1) 3.5" (88.9 mm) - x3
(2) 4.0" (404.6 mm) - x3

The Solution
The Revolution Drill and the Opening Drill.
  • Revolution drill holder: R34X22-150L
  • Opening drill holder: OP3-1L-CV50
  • Drill inserts: OP05T308-H
Measure Comptitor Tools Revolution Drill Opening Drill
RPM Tools used in process:
(1) - Center drill
(2) - Standard twist drill
(3) - Circular interpolation tool
(4) - Finish bore operation
2200 1200
Feed Rate 0.0055 IPR
(0.140 mm/rev)
0.0055 IPR
(0.140 mm/rev)
Penetration Rate 12.1 IPM
(307.34 mm/min)
6.6 IPM
(167.64 mm/min)
Cycle Time 4-8 hours under 5 min

The Advantages
The Revolution and Opening Drill:
  • Reduced the operation time from hours to minutes
  • Both drills utilized the same inserts, which reduced inventory requirements