Wohlhaupter® 320 Boring Head
Aerospace Body Assembly Component: Wohlhaupter® 320 Boring Head 
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The Challenge

Here’s one way to ramp up your throughput. 

You make money on the parts that come off your machine, so make sure you have the best tooling solutions in place to maximize your throughput. Our customer was experiencing lengthy cycle times while machining aerospace body assembly components from 6061 T6 aluminum. The finished holes required a 24 Ra, so our customer was first reaming the hole and then polishing it to achieve the necessary finish. 

The reaming process took 2 minutes 48 seconds to complete, and the polishing added another 5 minutes, giving the customer a total cycle time of nearly 8 minutes. With our Wohlhaupter 320 Boring Head, the cycle time dropped to a quick 16 seconds (a 96% decrease) with a 10 Ra hole finish, eliminating the polishing process altogether. 

Not only did the Wohlhaupter tool decrease cycle time and eliminate a process, but it also doubled tool life per insert from 500 parts to 1,000 parts. Overall, the customer’s cost per hole decreased by 87.85%. 

With the previous process, our customer produced 500 parts annually. With the Wohlhaupter tooling solution, our customer could produce more parts in less time, increasing their overall production and throughput. Oh, and profit increased too. Don’t just make money - make MORE money by switching to the right tool. 

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Product Wohlhaupter 320 Boring Head
Objective (1) Decrease cycle time
(2) Increase throughput
Industry Aerospace
Part Body assembly component
Material 6061 T6 aluminum
Hole Ø 0.753" (19.126 mm)
Hole Depth 1.630" (41.502 mm)

The Solution
Wohlhaupter 320 boring head
  • Boring head, 320 series:  320001
  • Boring insert:  297872PKDD30
Measure Ream and Polish 320 Boring Head
RPM 350 7,500
Speed Rate 69 SFM (21.031 M/min) 1,479 SFM (450.799 M/min)
Feed Rate 0.004 IPR (0.102 mm/rev) 0.0008 IPR (0.02 mm/rev)
Penetration Rate 1.4 IPM (35.56 mm/min) 6.0 IPM (152.4 mm/min)
Cycle Time 7 min 48 sec 16 sec
Hole Finish 24 Ra 10 Ra
Tool Life 500 holes 1,000 holes
The 320 Boring Head offered 87.85% cost per hole savings.
The Advantages
The Wohlhaupter 320 boring head provided:
  • 96% cycle time decrease
  • Doubled the tool life
  • Eliminated the secondary polishing operation
  • Reduced the cost per hole