T-A Pro Assembly
Link arm: T-A Pro® 
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The Challenge

Do you need consistency in your machining?

Catastrophic failures were causing our customer frustration as they were machining link arms for the agricultural industry. They previously used indexable drills to try and eliminate flex; however, there was still some flex, which resulted in OD insert chipping.

Looking for consistency and eliminating catastrophic failures, the customer tested Allied’s T-A Pro Drill. Using the “K” geometry insert—designed to provide increased penetration rates and tool life in cast iron applications—they successfully eliminated tool failures.

The previous tooling was extremely inconsistent and provided anywhere from 25 parts to 125 parts with a 7 minute cycle time. Utilizing the T-A Pro “K” geometry, they achieved 250 parts with only a 6 minute cycle time. With the T-A Pro, our customer was also able to dramatically increase the penetration rate.

The consistency in tool life and elimination of tool failures made switching to the T-A Pro an easy decision for our customer.

Consistency saves you more than just some frustration.

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Product T-A Pro
Objective Decrease tool failure
Industry Agricultural
Part Link arm
Material Ductile iron
Hole Ø 1.378" (35.001 mm)
Hole Depth 2.362" (59.995 mm)

The Solution
T-A Pro High Penetration Replaceable Insert Drill
  • Drill holder, 3xD length:  HTA2D03-150F
  • Drill inserts, K geometry (cast iron):  TAK2-35.00
Measure Competitor IC Drill T-A Pro Drill
RPM 1386 1386
Speed Rate 500 SFM (152.4 M/min) 500 SFM (152.4 M/min)
Feed Rate 0.0045 IPR (0.114 mm/rev) 0.011 IPR (0.279 mm/rev)
Penetration Rate 6.24 IPM (158.496 mm/min) 15.25 IPM (387.35 mm/min)
Cycle Time 7 min 6 min
Tool Life 25 - 125 parts 250 parts
Tool Failure? Yes No

The Advantages
The cast iron TiAlN coated T-A Pro insert provided:
  • Increased tool life
  • Decreased cycle time
  • Eliminated tool failures