AccuPort 432
Diesel Engine Front Cover: AccuPort 432® 
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The Challenge

A Tier 1 automotive supplier manufactures a diesel engine front cover made from grey cast iron. They are using a Mitsubishi 800mm HMC with 300 PSI (21 bar) through tool coolant.

The customer needed a special angled insert to meet the specification. The cycle time for the part was not keeping pace with production demands. The solid carbide tooling also added large costs to the operation due to lengthy set-up times, regrinds, recoats, and extra inventory.

The special AccuPort 432 allowed the customer to replace three tools with one, which significantly decreased the cycle time. Also, the replaceable insert design greatly reduced the large stock of solid carbide tooling.

Product: AccuPort 432
Objective: Improve process
Industry: Automotive
Part: Diesel engine front cover
Material: Grey cast iron


The Solution
Special AccuPort 432 Port Contour Cutter
  • Holder: Modified ISO-6149 #8
  • T-A® Insert: 1C30A-16.2-CI
The Advantages
The special AccuPort 432 provided:
  • Increased production capabilities
  • Reduced labor hours
  • Decreased costs