Semi-Truck Engine Block: GEN2 T-A 
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The Challenge
The customer is manufacturing engines for semi-trucks using a Mazak HMC MC1516 with water soluble coolant. The engine blocks are made out of cast iron.

Tool used:  Solid carbide drill running without coolant
  • Diameter = 0.4016"
  • Drill depth = 1.10"
  • 2350 RPM
  • 0.007 IPR
  • Cycle time = 5.01 seconds
  • Tool life = 625 holes (required 5 regrinds, which yielded 125 holes per regrind)
Seeking to improve the production process, the customer needed to reduce cycle time, eliminate tool regrinding, and increase tool life.
The Solution
Allied Machine recommended the GEN2 T-A Drilling System.

Tool used:  GEN2 T-A insert (item 4C2YH-10.2) with a special holder (060830-31)
  • 3600 RPM
  • 0.005 IPR
  • Cycle time = 4.67 seconds
  • Tool life = 4,000 holes (no regrinds)
The Advantages
The GEN2 T-A drastically increased the tool life and completely eliminated the need for regrinding. Additionally, the customer was able to lower their cost of production.
  • Reduced cost-per-hole from $0.25 to $0.09 
  • Total cost savings of $8,326.43 (65.57%)