Pump Housing: GEN2 T-A 
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The Challenge

The customer is manufacturing automotive pump housings made from Grey Cast Iron using a Haas VF4 machining center with water soluble coolant.

The tools had a tendency to break, and the customer wanted to eliminate the inconsistent tool life. The machine down-time increased the cost-per-hole.

The GEN2 T-A met the customer’s requirements by providing consistency and eliminating machine down-time. In the end, the lower-priced YG-1 tool ended up costing much more in terms of tool life, machine down-time, and the overall inconvenience of inconsistent tool performance.

Product: GEN2 T-A
Objective: (1) Decrease tool inconsistency
(2) Decrease cost per hole
Industry: Automotive
Part: Pump housing
Material: Grey cast iron
Hole Ø: 0.843" (21.412mm)
Hole Depth: 1.500" (38.100mm)

The Solution
The GEN2 T-A drilling system
  • Special Holder
  • Insert: 4C21H-0027
Measure Competitor GEN2 T-A
RPM 1400 1650
Feed Rate 0.008 IPR (0.203 mm/rev) 0.008 IPR (0.203 mm/rev)
Penetration Rate 11.2 IPM (284.480 mm/min) 13.2 IPM (335.280 mm/min)
Cycle Time 8 sec 7 sec
Tool Life 1500 holes 3200 holes
The GEN2 T-A offered 15% cost per hole savings over the competitor tooling.

The Advantages
The GEN2 T-A drilling system provided:
  • 113% tool life increase
  • Decreased cost per hole
  • Decreased cycle time