Engine Block Mold: GEN2 T-A 
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The Challenge
The customer is manufacturing engine block molds out of H13 tool steel for the automotive industry. They are using a Mazak 7550 VMC with 300 PSI through tool coolant to produce the parts.

Tool used:  Star gun drill
  • 1600 RPM
  • 0.0006 IPR
  • Cycle time = 14.58 minutes
  • Tool life = 35 holes (required 5 regrind)
The customer asked Allied Machine to find a way to reduce cycle time and decrease the cost of production.
The Solution
Allied Machine recommended using the GEN2 T-A Drilling System.

Tool used:  GEN2 T-A insert (item 450H-15) with T-A holder (29000S-075L)
  • 809 RPM
  • 0.007 IPR
  • Cycle time = 2.47 minutes
  • Tool life = 35 holes (no regrinds) 
The Advantages
The results were outstanding. The GEN2 T-A completely eliminated regrinds and significantly lowered the overall cost of production.
  • Reduced the machine’s total cycle time by 12.11 minutes
  • Reduced cost-per-hole from $18.26 to just $3.83
  • Total cost savings = $7,214.43 (79.01%)