T-A Holder with Pro Insert
T-A Pro Insert
Brake Bracket: T-A Pro® 
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The Challenge

Looking to lower your cost?

Tooling cost was hindering our customer who machines brake brackets for the automotive industry. They previously used a competitor replaceable tip drill in ductile iron, but the performance wasn’t meeting their expectations.

Looking to improve their performance and lower costs, the customer tested Allied’s T-A Pro Drill. Using the “K” geometry insert—designed to provide increased penetration rates and tool life in cast iron applications—they successfully decreased their cost per hole.

While maintaining the same speeds and feeds, the T-A Pro was largely successful in increasing tool life from 16,000 holes to 20,000—a twenty-five percent increase. The customer also saw a decrease in their cycle time due to Allied’s ability to compact the tool design, which paired with the increased tool life significantly lowered the customer’s yearly tooling cost.

The success of T-A Pro in this application is just another example of why the T-A Pro is more than your typical spade drill.

Sometimes going back to the basics saves you more.

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Product T-A Pro
Objective Decrease costs
Industry Automotive
Part Brake bracket
Material Ductile iron
Hole Ø 0.551" (13.99 mm)
Hole Depth 1.181" (29.997 mm)

The Solution
T-A Pro High Penetration Replaceable Insert Drill
  • Special T-A® holder:  201020-25
  • Drill inserts, K geometry (cast iron):  TAK0-14.00
Measure Competitor Drill T-A Pro Drill    
RPM 2500 2500
Speed Rate 360 SFM (109.7 M/min) 360 SFM (109.7 M/min)
Feed Rate 0.009 IPR (0.229 mm/rev) 0.009 IPR (0.229 mm/rev)
Penetration Rate 22.5 IPM (571.5 mm/min) 22.5 IPM (571.5 mm/min)
Total Part Cycle Time 3 min 19 sec 3 min 14 sec
Tool Life 16,000 holes 20,000 holes
T-A Pro offered 39.96% annual cost savings over the competitor tooling.
The Advantages
The cast iron specific, TiAlN coated T-A Pro insert provided:
  • Increased tool life
  • Decreased cycle time
  • Decreased annual tooling cost