AccuThread 856 Replaceable Pin Style
Lawn Mower Deck: AccuThread® 856 
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The Challenge
The customer manufactures lawn mower components from low carbon steel for the heavy equipment industry. They use a CNC machining center with a water solution as a coolant to manufacture their products. The part in this application is a lawn mower deck adjuster.

Tool used: OSG 3 flute TiN coated tap
  • 500 RPM
  • Size = 14mm
  • Through hole = 1.140” thick 
  • Tool life = 500 holes
The customer needed to increase tool life and reduce overall tooling costs. They were also concerned with their carrying costs, tool inventory, and tool change down-time.
The Solution
Allied recommended the AccuThread 856.

Tool used: AccuThread 856 4 flute pin style thread mill (2.0 pitch, 4 flutes)
  • 450 SFM recommended
  • Lowered to 300 SFM to allow for break-in time
  • .003 IPR
  • Cycle time = 2 passes
  • Tool life = 2,500 holes
The Advantages
The AccuThread 856 successfully accomplished the customer's goals.
  • Increased tool life by 400%
  • Offered long term advantages over tapping
  • Improved spindle up-time
  • Consistent quality of the thread size and fit
  • Minimized tool change setup
  • Eliminated scrap