AccuThread 856 Replaceable Pin Style
Lawn Mower Deck: AccuThread® 856 
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The Challenge

A customer is manufacturing lawn mower components from low carbon steel for the heavy equipment industry. They are using a CNC Machining Center with a water solution as a coolant to manufacture their products. The part is an adjuster for a lawn mower deck.

Turning to AMEC, they needed to increase tool life and reduce overall tooling costs. They were also becoming concerned about carrying costs, tool inventory, and tool change down-time.

The AccuThread 856 proved to be an effective and more efficient tool for the customer to produce their products.


Product: AccuThread 856 Indexable
Objectives: (1) Increase tool life
(2) Decrease costs
Industry: Heavy equipment
Part: Mower deck adjuster
Material: Low carbon steel
Hole Ø: 0.551" (13.995 mm)
Hole Depth: 0.140" (3.556 mm)

The Solution
The AccuThread 856 Indexable Threadmill
  • 2.0 pitch, 4 flutes
Measure Competitor AccuThread 856
Tool Life 500 holes 2500 holes
The Advantages
The AccuThread 856 Indexable provided:
  • 400% tool life increase
  • Consistent quality
  • Improved spindle up-time