Opening Drill
Opening Drill
Weldments: Opening Drill® / Revolution Drill® 
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The Challenge
The customer manufactures weldments from A36 steel plates. Initially, the process involved flame cutting the roughed hole. The parts were then machined on a SuperMAX Machining Center utilizing flood coolant. Previously, the customer flame burned a rough hole and then experimented with the following selection of tooling.

Tools attempted:
  • Twist drills
  • Spade drills
  • Indexable end mills
  • Finish bore tools (to circle interpolate and finish bore)
Process requirements:
  • Hole diameter = 4.02"
  • Hole depth = 4" through hole
The results and the time it took to complete the operation were unacceptable. The best results they could achieve provided a 35 minute cycle time.
The Solution
Allied recommended the combination of the Revolution Drill and the Opening Drill.

Tools used: Revolution Drill (item R42x22-150L) and Opening Drill (item OP3-1S-1.5)
  • Revolution Drill
    • 700 SFM
    • .004 IPR
    • 4.3 IPM
  • Opening Drill
    • 800 SFM
    • .005 IPR
    • 3.8 IPM
  • Overall cycle time = 2 minutes
The Advantages
The combination of the Revolution Drill and Opening Drills decreased the cycle time by 94%, providing the ideal solution for this application.
  • Reduced cost per hole from $58.45 to $3.34
  • Decreased cycle time by 94%
  • Total cost savings = 90.6%