Wohlhaupter® Face Grooving Tools
Oil Pump Cover: Wohlhaupter® Face Grooving 
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The Challenge

Machine limitations shouldn’t limit your productivity. 

Just because your machine has limitations doesn’t mean your productivity should suffer too. Our customer was machining oil pump covers on a CAT40 machine with low horsepower. To create the 2 different groove features on the part, our customer used an end mill to interpolate around both grooves. The entire process took 50 minutes to complete. 

The cycle time was unacceptable for our customer, but they didn’t believe their machine could handle a full-size grooving tool to complete the process in less time. To achieve grooves of these sizes would require more torque and power than their machine could handle. Also, the first groove was abnormally deep (7mm) based on industry standards, which further complicated the application’s requirements. 

Using a Wohlhaupter Face Grooving Tool with customized components and special inserts, our customer successfully completed the 124mm(4.881") groove in 24 seconds. Using a second face grooving tool, our customer finished the 222mm (8.74") groove in 20 seconds. This improvement obliterated expectations, reducing the cycle time from 50 minutes to just under 1 minute (a 99% decrease). Reducing the cycle time allowed our customer to increase production from 0.6 parts/hour to 1.15 parts/hour. 

Our customer couldn’t believe how significant the improvements were. A process that lasted nearly an hour before could now be completed in less than a minute, all on the same low horsepower machine. Don’t let your machine slow you down; contact your local tooling specialist to find the right tool for your job. 

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Product Wohlhaupter Face Grooving Tools
Objective Reduce cycle time
Industry Heavy equipment
Part Oil pump cover
Material Grey cast iron
Groove Ø 124mm(4.881") / 222mm(8.74")

The Solution
Wohlhaupter grooving tool for 124mm feature:

(1) Serrated tool body: 148007
(2) Grooving components: Specials
(3) Grooving inserts: Specials
(4) Master shank: 353005

Wohlhaupter grooving tool for 222mm feature:

(1) Serrated slide: 350021
(2) Support block: 226014
(3) Insert holder: 226010
(4) Grooving inserts: 297978WHC136
(5) Master shank: 353005

Measure End Mill* Ø 124mm Feature Tool  /
Ø 222mm Feature Tool
RPM - 313 / 175
Speed Rate - 400 SFM / 400 SFM
(121.92 / 121.92 M/min)
Feed Rate - 0.002 IPR / 0.002 IPR
(0.051 / 0.051 mm/rev)
Penetration Rate - 0.63 IPM / 0.35 IPM
(16.002 / 8.89 mm/min)
Cycle Time 50 min 26 sec / 20 sec
Production 0.6 parts/hr 1.15 parts/hr

*Our customer didn't think their CAT40 machine could handle a full-size boring tool. They used the end mill to interpolate around both grooves.

The Advantages
The Wohlhaupter grooving solution:
  • Decreased cycle time by 99%
  • Increased productivity
  • Excelled on a low horsepower machine