Hydraulic Manifolds: AccuPort 432® 
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The Challenge
A worldwide valve manufacturer is machining hydraulic manifolds made from nodular iron. They are using a Makino M3000 Pallet Line with a through-coolant delivery system to manufacture their products.

Previous process:  3 or 4 tools to produce the hole with a formed reamer to finish.
  • Long cycle times
  • Multiple tool changes
  • Increased downtime
The customer is now running multiple transfer lines and unmanned machining centers, which is not ideal for this method. The customer needs to increase production efficiency to meet product demand.
The Solution
Allied recommended the AccuPort 432.

Tools used: Several AccuPort 432 port contour cutters:
  1. Contour cutter 5 (item J1926-05Z-063F)
  2. Contour cutter 6 (item J1926-060-075F)
  3. Contour cutter 8 (item J1926-080-075F)
  4. Contour cutter 10 (item J1926-101-100F)
  5. Contour cutter 12 (item J1926-122-125F)
  • 300 SFM
  • 8 IPM
  • Reduced cycle time by 85%
The Advantages
Because they no longer had to regrind the special form reamers, the customer was able to eliminate their tool room re-sharpening area. Due to the success of the AccuPort 432, the customer reduced the cycle time by 85%, and this number did not even include the reduction in downtime due to tool changes and re-sharpening.