4TEX Drill
Electrical Fittings: 4TEX® Drill 
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The Challenge

You can’t put a value on peace of mind.

When you’re machining difficult materials, it becomes even more crucial that you have the right tool for the job. Our customer was producing fittings for the electrical energy industry. These fittings would later be used in a harsh, damp environment, so they needed to be made from 316 stainless steel to prevent rust. However, the stainless material presented a challenge as it caused our customer’s previous drill to weld inside the part twice within the first 100 parts.

Our customer tested the 4TEX Indexable Carbide Drill using the “M” geometry inserts with AM485 coating designed to resist heat and a higher rake geometry that provides excellent chip formation in stainless steels. The 4TEX drill was exactly what our customer needed for this application. Chip formation improved, cycle time shortened, and hole quality increased. And most importantly, the 4TEX drill eliminated the catastrophic failures our customer had been experiencing before.

Also, because the 4TEX drill was the right tool for this application, it doubled the tool life. With their previous IC drill, our customer could get 15 parts per insert index (when the drill wasn’t failing). With the 4TEX drill, our customer produced 30 parts per index (with no worries of tool failure).

The 4TEX drill provided multiple improvements and cost-savings for our customer, but you can’t put a value on worry-free machining and peace of mind - and those can be the greatest benefits of all.

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Product: 4TEX Drill
Objectives: (1) Eliminate tool failure
(2) Improve tool life
Industry: Renewable energy/energy (electrical)
Part: Electrical fittings
Material: 316 stainless steel
Hole Ø: 0.5625" (14.29mm)
Hole Depth: 1.6100" (40.894 mm)

The Solution
4TEX Indexable Carbide Insert Drill
  • Drill holder, 3xD length:  D3040562I-075F
  • Drill inserts, M geometry (stainless steel & high temp):  4T-40203-M

Measure Competitor IC Drill 4TEX Drill
RPM 2716 3056
Speed Rate 400 SFM (121.92 M/min) 450 SFM (137.16  M/min)
Feed Rate 0.0025 IPR (0.0635 mm/rev) 0.0025 IPR (0.0635 mm/rev)
Penetration Rate 6.80 IPM (172.72 mm/min) 7.64 IPM (194.056 mm/min)
Cycle Time 14 sec 12 sec
Tool Life (per index) 15 parts 30 parts

The Advantages
The 4-sided indexable inserts with heat-resistant coating:
  • Doubled the tool life
  • Eliminated tool failures
  • Provided worry-free machining