News > Wohlhaupter 565 (564) Balance Boring Head Provides High Quality Surface Finish for Aerospace
Wohlhaupter 565 (564) Balance Boring Head Provides High Quality Surface Finish for Aerospace
Wohlhaupter 565 (564) Balance Boring Head Provides High Quality Surface Finish for Aerospace

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Deborah Froelich
Allied Machine & Engineering

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This self-balancing system provides a high-quality surface finish with accuracy up to 0.0001”
Dover, OH  - Allied Machine & Engineering showcases the Wohlhaupter Balance finish boring system meticulously engineered for high-precision aerospace boring applications. Wohlhaupter’s Balance boring head systems expand the range of finishboring products offered by Allied Machine.
The Balance line is one of the world’s smallest self-balancing digital boring tools with a feed-in accuracy of 0.0001” (0.002mm). This finish boring system was designed with a hard-anodized surface treatment, internal auto-balancing and coolant-through capabilities.
The 565 (564) Balance series includes six sizes which cover a diameter range of 1.968” – 8.070” (50mm – 205mm). Tools with a diameter range of 1.968” – 2.579” (50mm – 205mm) are made of steel while those between 2.559” – 8.070” (65mm – 205mm) are made of light-weight aluminum.
Aerospace components demand hole finishing precision and Allied Machine shares that the digital display provides easy adjustments that result in dimensional corrections accurate to within a µ. The series also features auto-balance for optimal finish machining. Any resulting imbalance is compensated by mass balancing, which takes place automatically and minimizes the residual imbalance produced by adjustments to the insert holder diameter.
The Balance 565 (564) boring head series is also versatile. The insert holder can be rotated 180° for back boring applications, and the system can also be used for OD application via a semi-standard insert holder or with our AluLine serrated slides with suitable adapters.

“The 565 series Digital Balance heads are the superior tool in fixed diameter long production runs or, in large batch runs for the Aerospace industry. The linear scale is so accurate and when combined with the internal balance mechanism, the end user gets superior speeds and feeds combined with exceptional surface finishes. The balance mechanism also improves tool life and bore concentricity,” says Allied’s Wohlhaupter business development manager, Karl Hochuli.
Allied Machine acquired the majority share of Wohlhaupter in 2016 and continues to differentiate itself from other cutting tool manufacturers by focusing solely on holemaking and finishing. For more information on the Wohlhaupter Balance 565 (564) precision boring heads or other holemaking solutions, visit


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