AccuPort 432® Holder

Product Specifications
Type of ProductReplaceable Port Form Body
Overall length inch3.51
Overall length mm89.1
Pipe tap rear mm1/8
Shank diameter mm20
Shank diameter inch0.787
Shank length mm41.9
Shank length inch1.65
Shank typeCylindrical
Pilot Diameter mm14.5
Pilot Diameter inch0.571
Pilot length mm15.6
Pilot length inch0.615
Tool Reference Length mm47.2
Tool Reference Length inch1.857
Port StandardISO 6149
Tube Size-6
Port thread sizeM16 X 1.5
Spotface diameter mm28
Spotface diameter inch1.102
Seal angle15°
Seal angle diameter mm17.8
Seal angle diameter inch0.702
Seal angle length mm2.6
Seal angle length inch0.102
Spotface to shoulder length inch1.116
Spotface to shoulder length mm28.3
Minor Diameter Insert Carbide4C10H-14.5
Minor Diameter Insert Super Cobalt450H-14.5
Ordering Information
Package Qty1
Min. Order Qty1
Weight in lbs (each)0.42