Test Block: BT-A 
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The Challenge

The customer is a mold maker for the plastics industry that contacted Allied to test BTA tooling. The workpiece is a 21” (533.4 mm) thick test block made of P20 material (28-32 Rc). They are using a Schienke Gundrill machine with Hulcut 745D semi-synthetic coolant (10% concentrate) at 1000 PSI (69 bar).

The customer needed to decrease total hole costs and improve the tool life.

The BT-A Drill successfully decreased total hole costs while improving the tool life.


Product: BT-A
Objective: Increase tool life
Industry: Tool, mold, & die
Part: Test block
Material: P20
Hole Ø: 0.734" (18.644mm)
Hole Depth: 21" (533.4mm)

The Solution
The BT-A Drill
  • Special holder: 081021-21
  • Special insert: 081021-22
Measure Competitor BT-A
RPM 1300 1575
Feed Rate 0.0054 IPR (0.137 mm/rev) 0.0046 IPR (0.117 mm/rev)
Penetration Rate 7.02 IPM (178.308 mm/min) 7.23 IPM (183.642 mm/min)
Cycle Time 3 min 10 sec 3 min 4 sec
Tool Life 19 holes 39 holes
BT-A offered 15% cost per hole savings compared to competitor tooling.

The Advantages
The BT-A Drill provided:
  • 105% tool life increase
  • Decreased cycle time
  • Decreased cost per hole