Underwater Explosive Casings: EcoCut 
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The Challenge

A specialty screw machine shop is manufacturing underwater explosive casings made from aluminum bar stock for the U.S. Navy. These products must meet very strict tolerances. They use an EMCO multispindle lathe (four spindles per machine) with a water soluble coolant through the tool.

The customer needed to reduce the cycle time, reduce the amount of tooling, and reduce costs.

The EcoCut successfully decreased cycle time while eliminating three tools from the process.


Product: EcoCut
Objective: Decrease cycle time
Industry: Firearms
Part: Underwater explosive casings
Material: Aluminum bar stock

The Solution
EcoCut multifunction tooling
  • EC20R-1.5D 10-E
  • XCET 10T308FN-27P grade H216-T
Measure Previous Tooling EcoCut
  4 Tool Process
  • Drill
  • Small boring bar
    • 0.375” (9.525 mm)
  • Large boring bar
    • 0.750” (19.050 mm)
  • Facing tool
  • 600 SFM (182.880 M/min)
  • 1024 RPM
  • Drill
    • 1.126 IPM (28.60 mm/rev)
  • Counter bore
    • 2.048 IPM (52.019 mm/rev)
  • Finish bore
    • 5.120 IPM (130.048 mm/rev)
Cycle time 2 min 1 min 38 sec

The Advantages
The EcoCut provided:
  • 18% Cycle time decrease
  • Increased tool life