Revolution Drill
Gear Blanks: Revolution Drill® 
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The Challenge

The customer machines gear blanks made from 4140 (40 Rc) using an OKUMA OSP 5000 Horizontal Mill with flood coolant.

The customer needed to improve cycle time and asked Allied for a more effective solution.

The Revolution Drill® significantly improved the customer’s process. The cycle time decreased while the tool life increased, providing a lower cost per hole for the customer.

Product: Revolution Drill
Objective: Decrease cycle time
Industry: Agriculture
Part: Gear blanks
Material: 4140, 40 Rc
Hole Ø: 2.47" (62.738 mm)
Hole Depth: 1.60" (40.64 mm)

The Solution
The Revolution Drill
  • Drill holder: R42X22-CV50
  • Drill inserts: OP-05T308-H
Measure Competitor High Feed Mill Revolution Drill
RPM 1000 395
Feed Rate 0.060 IPR (1.524 mm/rev) 0.006 IPR (0.152 mm/rev)
Penetration Rate 60 IPM (1524 mm/min) 2.3 IPM (58.42 mm/min)
Cycle Time 3 min 30 sec 50 sec
Tool Life 16 holes 48 holes
The Revolution Drill offered 76.99% cost per hole savings over the competitor tooling.

The Advantages
The Revolution Drill provided:
  • Decreased cycle time from 3.5 minutes to 50 seconds (76%)
  • Increased tool life by 20%
  • Lowered the cost per hole