AR Upper Receiver: GEN3SYS® XT Pro 
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The Challenge

The customer is manufacturing AR upper receiver castings for the firearms industry. The parts are made from cast aluminum. Previously, the customer was using a solid carbide twist drill to perform the operation. The twist drill achieved a tool life of 2700 linear inches (68.58 M). The customer needs to increase tool life without sacrificing hole quality.

Allied’s GEN3SYS XT Pro drilling system with non-ferrous geometry insert achieved 9000 linear inches (228.6 M) of tool life, a 233% increase over the twist drill. The parameters were kept the same to create a level test, which resulted in the same cycle time for both tools, but the XT Pro offered 3x the tool life.

Product: GEN3SYS XT Pro
Objectives: Improve tool life
Industry: Firearms
Part: AR upper receiver
Material: Cast aluminum
Hole Ø: 0.998'' (25.349mm)
Hole Depth: 4.500'' (114.3mm)

The Solution
The GEN3SYS XT Pro High Penetration Drilling System:
  • GEN3SYS XT Pro holder: HXT1024S-100F
  • GEN3SYS XT Pro insert, (N) Non-ferrous geometry: XTN24-25.3
Measure Competitor GEN3SYS XT Pro
RPM 5000 5000
Speed 1300 SFM (396.24 M/min) 1300 SFM (396.24 M/min)
Feed Rate 110 IPM (2794 mm/min) 110 IPM (2794 mm/min)
Cycle Time 2.46 sec 2.45 sec
Tool Life 2700" (68.58M) 9000" (228.6M)
GEN3SYS XT Pro offered 52% cost per hole savings over the competitor tooling.
The Advantages
The GEN3SYS XT Pro provided:
  • Increased tool life by 233%
  • Decreased cycle time
  • Decreased cost per hole