Gear Actuator Housing: Original T-A® 
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The Challenge

A customer manufactures ball screws, aerospace actuators, and landing gear actuators for the aerospace industry. In this application, they are using an Okuma VMC with 750 PSI (51.711 bar) through-tool coolant to machine a gear actuator housing made from cast stainless steel.

Unsatisfied with their current process, the customer needed to increase tool life and reduce the cost of production.

The Original T-A drill achieved the customer’s goals by increasing tool life while lowering the overall cost of production.

Product: Original T-A
Objective: Increase tool life
Industry: Aerospace
Part: Gear actuator housing
Material: Cast stainless steel
Hole Ø: 0.25" (6.35mm)
Hole Depth: 0.703" (17.856mm)

The Solution
The Original T-A Drill
  • Holder: 23010S-100L
  • Insert: 1C51A-.703
Measure Competitor Original T-A
RPM 733 760
Feed Rate 0.007 IPR (0.178 mm/rev) 0.008 IPR (0.203 mm/rev)
Penetration Rate 5.13 IPM (130.302 mm/min) 6.08 IPM (154.432 mm/min)
Cycle Time 15 sec 14.5 sec
Tool Life 10 holes 40 holes

The Advantages
The Original T-A provided:
  • 300% tool life increase
  • Decreased cycle time
  • Decreased cost