Superion PCD Flat Bottom Drill
Frac Pocket Plugs: Superion® PCD Flat Bottom Drill 
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Die Herausforderung

Old adage, modern innovation: the right tool for the job. 

Reduce costs and eliminate headaches by calling us to help solve your challenges. If your current process doesn’t seem to be providing the results you want, you might be using the wrong tooling. Our customer was using a diamond-coated end mill to machine guide pads on frac pocket plugs used in down-hole oil drilling. The guide pads were made from fiberglass and glass wound filament material, which is very abrasive and shortens the life of cutting tools. 

When the diamond coating wore off the end mill, the carbide substrate was exposed directly to the abrasive material, and the tool would quickly fail. The customer needed an optimized tool to extend tool life in this abrasive material and to solidify the repeatability of the process. 

The customer tested the Superion® PCD Flat Bottom Drill in this application. The PCD substrate is more wear-resistant in the fiberglass material and provided more even wear of the tool throughout the process. Much to the customer’s delight, the Superion drill ran at a higher penetration rate, which shortened cycle time. Most importantly, the Superion drill increased the customer’s tool life from 7,500 holes to 50,000 holes (a 567% increase). 

A costly application became effective and worry-free by finding the right tooling. The Superion drill didn’t just increase the customer’s tool life; it provided a repeatable, reliable process so the customer could “set it and forget it.” 

Don’t tolerate unnecessary hassle and stress in your production. Call us to help you find the right tool for the job. 

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Product Superion PCD Flat Bottom Drill
Objectives Increase tool life
Industry Oil & gas/petrochemical
Part Frac pocket plug guide pads
Material Fiberglass and glass wound filament
Hole Ø 0.380"
Hole Depth 0.275"

Die Lösung
Superion PCD Flat Bottom Drill

Measure Diamond Coated End Mill Superion PCD Flat Bottom Drill
RPM 4500 7500
Speed Rate 448 SFM 746 SFM
Feed Rate 0.008 IPR 0.008 IPR
Penetration Rate 36 IPM 60 IPM
Cycle Time 0.46 sec 0.28 sec
Tool Life 7,500 holes 50,000 holes

Die Vorteile
The PCD substrate for wear-resistance in abrasive materials provided:
  • 567% tool life increase
  • Increased penetration rates
  • Repeatable/reliable machining process