News > Wohlhaupter Launches NOVITECH - German Engineered Vibration Damper
Wohlhaupter Launches NOVITECH - German Engineered Vibration Damper
Wohlhaupter Launches NOVITECH - German Engineered Vibration Damper

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Wohlhaupter GmbH

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The new Wohlhaupter NOVITECH intermediate module is especially suitable for complex bore machining with long overhangs. The German-engineered technology developed by Wohlhaupter efficiently reduces vibrations during machining. This ensures more productivity, optimum surface quality and increases process repeatability. Thanks to the modular connection point MVS, the versatile module can be used for all Wohlhaupter standard tools and special components.

Long overhang boring tools are often used when the component - for example a turbine component - has cavities that are difficult to access due to its special geometry. However, cutting tools with a long shank are particularly susceptible to vibrations compared to their diameter. These movements have a negative effect both on tool life and on the quality of the chip removal.

For bore machining, Wohlhaupter has developed NOVITECH, a technology in which intelligent intermediate modules directly damper the resulting vibrations. This enables high-precision and at the same time economical machining. The NOVITECH intermediate modules enable a better surface finish, increase productivity and process reliability, and at the same time protect the tool, spindle and machine. The units are suitable for bore machining up to 10xD with a machining diameter between 50 and 205 mm.

"Precision is crucial, especially for fine bores. In the worst case, vibrations can lead to the rejection of an entire component," explains Emir Cvolic, product manager at Wohlhaupter. "With NOVITECH, we offer a solution here that, thanks to the modular connection point, is suitable for all Wohlhaupter standard tools as well as for special components, such as those used in the machining of highly complex components."

Compensating for relative movements inside
The interior of the NOVITECH modules is reminiscent of a skyscraper: the damping system's mounting is viscoelastic. It consists of an absorber carrier and absorber mass and compensates for vibrations from the outside by means of corresponding counter-movements. The drilling tool glides smoothly and in a controlled manner through the material to be machined. As a result, significantly higher cutting speeds are possible with long overhang boring tools on powerful machines. Since the vibrations are minimized directly at the tool, the user can also select indexable inserts with larger corner radii for machining in order to achieve additionally stronger feed rates and greater cutting depths.

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