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UPA Versatile Facing and Boring Heads   
In 1936 the first model of the Wohlhaupter® Universal Facing and Boring head was developed to launch the start of Wohlhaupter boring products it became a staple to the boring industry. 

UPA facing and boring heads are used on universal milling and boring machine, boring mills, and jig boring machines for machining stationary workpieces in individual batch productions.
  • Can be used in a variety of operations: facing, boring, taper turning, right or left-handed turning
  • UPA heads are offered in three different sizes: UPA 3, UPA 4, UPA 5-S6
  • Available in imperial and metric
  • Diameter range: 0.000" - 24.409" (0.00mm - 620.00mm)
  • Slide adjustment up to 4.410" (112.00mm)
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Universal Facing and Boring Heads
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