Basic D 40 and D 60 Slides   
Bore large diameter holes from 7.847" - 20.470" (200.00mm - 520.00mm) with Basic D 40 base slides and from 7.847" - 19.880" (200.00mm - 505.00mm) with Basic D 60 slides. The base slide body features Wohlhaupter's Alu-Line lightweight aluminum to reduce the weight on the machine to provide power and precision on large diameter boring applications. 

Alu-Line slides are used in various large boring applications. Use both Basic D 40 and Basic D 60 slides for finishing applications. The basic D 60 slides are also able to be used in rough boring or Combi-Line (rough and finish machining) applications. Digital 538 (537) and analog 338 (337) fine boring cassetes can also be used on the large diameter serrated slides for quick and easy adjustments at the machine. 

Basic D 40 and Basic D 60 bases attach directly to the master shank or a holding arbor with the Wohlhaupter® MVS connections to connect to any machine type. 
  • D 40 slides can be used on low horsepower machines for finishing applications
  • D 60 slides: used for roughing, finishing, or combined roughing and finishing applications
  • Wide variety of insert holder options for Basic D 60 rough machining such as: same level or height displaced, tangential cutters, chamfering, back boring, outside turning, and axial grooving (B10-E: 10-13)
  • Digital 538 (537) or analog 338 (337) cassettes can be used for quick and easy diameter adjustments
  • Basic D 40 diameter range: 7.847" - 20.470" (200.00mm - 520.00mm)
  • Basic D 60 diameter range: 7.847" - 19.880" (200.00mm - 505.00mm)
  • Slides can be bolted directly onto a master shank such as: HSK, CAT, SK, BT, NMTB, and DIN 2080
  • Mount Basic D 40 and Basic D 60 slides onto a Wohlhaupter® MVS holding arbor for additional master shank options
  • Basic D 40 and D 60 base slides are made from lightweight aluminum (Alu-Line) to reduce weight
  • Replaceable insert holders and inserts reduce setup time and cost
  • Coolant through
Recommended Materials  
High Temp Alloy
Stainless Steel
Hardened Steel
Cast Iron
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Recommended Industries  
Renewable Energy/ Energy
Oil and Gas
General Production
Heavy Equipment
Tool, Mold, and Die
Structural Steel Fabricator
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