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We took boring to the next level and created an innovative insert holder design. VolCut insert holders combine Allied Machine's holemaking experience with the benefits of modular tool components from Wohlhaupter®.

Pre-machine large diameter holes with short processing times and excellent chip control. The replaceable insert holders and inserts reduce setup time while still providing the maximum durability you expect.

VolCut insert holders are engineered to remove a massive amount of material in just one cut in large diameter rough boring applications. This versatile tool adapts to Wohlhaupter’s modular Twin Cutter bodies and utilizes standard inserts from the Revolution Drill® and Opening Drill® product lines. The sky is the limit with VolCut’s adaptability to the trusted Wohlhaupter MVS connection. 

VolCut is now available with five different insert holders ranging from 2.559" – 128.149" (65.00 mm – 3255.00 mm) rough bore diameters. With two or three inserts per side, VolCut’s unique design can achieve both high speeds and excellent chip control, even in long-chipping materials.

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  • Increased material removal - remove material up to 2.755" (70.00 mm) on diameter
  • Diameter range: 2.559" – 128.149" (65.00 mm – 3255.00 mm)
  • Low machine power consumption with our form 464/OP indexable inserts
  • Excellent chip control even with long-chipping materials
  • High cutting speeds for reduced cycle times
  • Outstanding surface quality due to optimal ratio of feed and cutting speed
  • Wohlhaupter standard serrated tool bodies for unmatched length and diameter solutions
  • Wohlhaupter MVS connection capable of adapting to any machine
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