Cast Iron Burnishing Drill (CIB)   
Superion® burnishing drill geometry used in cast iron applications with a straight flute design ideal for use on lathes. The enhanced surface finish on the tool will improve chip flow and reduce built-up edge.
  • Unique point, web, and cutting edge designed to significantly improve hole finish and hole tolerance
  • Double margins designed for enhanced stability
  • Ideal pre-drill when using carbide taps
  • Minimized back taper to enhance straightness
  • AM440 coating for reduced flank wear in cast iron
Recommended Materials  
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Material Key Icon High Temp Alloy
Key Icon Stainless Steel
Material Key Icon Hardened Steel
Key Icon Cast Iron
Material Key Icon Non-Ferrous
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Technical Information

Solid Carbide / PCD Drills
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Literature Order Number: A15-SUP

Recommended Cutting Data
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