HPS2M Solid Carbide Drill   
The Superion® solid carbide drill with HPS2M geometry is the HPS geometry with a double margin. HPS2M has superior performance in interrupted cuts and drill depths greater than 8xD. With two coating options the HPS2M can be altered to best perform in the required application.
  • Recommended for improved hole tolerance and hole finish
  • Recommended for interrupted cuts and drill depths greater than 8xD
  • Ideal for drilling gray/white and SG/nodular cast iron
  • HPS geometry with a double margin
  • Double margins are optimized with a unique web for full engagement of all four margins at entry, leading to better stability and chip evacuation
  • AM420 coating for enhanced heat thresholds and tool life in steels and stainless
  • AM440 coating for reduced flank wear in cast irons
Recommended Materials  
High Temp Alloy
Stainless Steel
Hardened Steel
Cast Iron
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Solid Carbide / PCD Drills

Literature Order Number: A15-SUP

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