Solid Carbide Reamers    360 Icon
Superion® solid carbide reamers are used in most industries and are good for both ferrous and nonferrous applications. The variety of flute configurations allows for application-specific solutions.
  • Produces smaller chips in general purpose reaming with straight flutes
  • Provides the best chip evacuation for ductile and other abrasive materials with right-hand spiral and cut
  • Creates good surface finish as chips are pushed forward avoiding scratching the surface when using a left-hand spiral with right-hand cut    
  • Available in straight flute, right-hand spiral/right-hand cut, and left-hand spiral/right-hand cut options
  • Available with or without coolant 
Recommended Materials  
Key Icon Steel
Material Key Icon High Temp Alloy
Key Icon Stainless Steel
Material Key Icon Hardened Steel
Key Icon Cast Iron
Material Key Icon Non-Ferrous
KeyIcon Reference

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Technical Information

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Literature Order Number: SOL-SCPCD

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